Every four years, football fans around the world flock to the host country of the FIFA World Cup – a pilgrimage of sorts for those who love the sport, and love to support their country. Those who can’t fly out, will head over to their favorite sports bar, paint their faces, and spill beer all over the place as soon as someone kicks a goal. It’s a high that is hard to replicate- and it’s not limited to the fans. Sports betting is happening in a frenzy, and with the multiple options one can bet on (and possibly win on), the World Cup truly makes for an exciting experience.

And, if you are in for a boatload of profit, now would be the best time to become a bookie.

So how exactly do you cash in on the World Cup? Let me count the ways. There are different types of world cup bets you can make money from. Keep in mind that the World Cup has 64 matches crammed in a one month span. So the 64 matches will give you a lot of options when it comes to betting options. And throughout the tournament, plus the individual matches, one can bet on at least 8 types of betting markets for the World Cup. Here is a list of the most popular betting markets available:

  1. Outright Winner
  2. Finalists
  3. Group Stage Winners
  4. 1st and 2nd team to Advance in the Groups
  5. Golden Ball Winner
  6. Top Goalscorer
  7. Goalscorer and Outright Winner Doubles

Those mentioned above at the regular bets that comprise of the whole tournament. Aside from those betting options, there are also in-play betting markets, on a per match basis. In-play betting also allows one the flexibility of making decisions based on what is happening during the match, and usually offers better odds the longer the game is in play. Some of the in-play betting markets you can find will be:

  1. Final Result
  2. Half Time Result
  3. Chance of a Draw
  4. Chance of Penalty Shootout
  5. Next Player to Score
  6. Next Player to Get a Red or Yellow Card
  7. Next Team to Score
  8. Team to Take the Next Corner

All of the betting markets mentioned will give you a lot of opportunities to bet on, or profit from, in this month-long World Cup. So pick your teams, and start placing your bets.