There is always a lot of potential in making money from online gambling. Make no mistake, money will not fall into your lap just because you decide to get into the business. It takes some work, industry knowledge, experience, and guts to succeed. But it does not mean that you can’t find ways to help you manage your bookie business and make things run smoothly.

This is where your sportsbook pay per head service comes in. Traditionally, gambling and betting were managed by writing down bets. When online gambling started, it became spreadsheets. But why stop there when you could do so much more, like have a comprehensive data center where all your agents, players, and all their bets are managed, listed, with reports generated? For a fee, which is charged per player (thus the pay per head term), you get player management, customer support, and a wide offering of different gambling options like online casinos, horse racing, as well as a lot of local and international sporting events.


Sportsbook Pay Per Head

But when you start looking for a sportsbook pay per head service, a quick online search will generate hundreds of results – and the sheer number of companies offering sportsbook services is overwhelming. You will need to refine your options and select the sportsbook pay per head service that suits your needs. Here are a few tips to help you decide on a sportsbook pay per head service:


Who runs the pay per head service? Is it run by tech people who just want to earn money through the service and the site? Because they can come up with the best system to handle your business, give the site a great look, but they could also be totally clueless on how to handle a sportsbook, aside from the basics they think they needed to know to put up a site? Always go for a pay per head service that is run by experienced people who know what they are talking about in terms of gambling. A handy tip is to check their experience with NFL seasons – if they stormed through the seasons well, they can most likely handle themselves.

Line Management

How good is the linesman? Are they quick enough to follow the latest trends? Can they prevent you from losing money from sharp players to try to abuse the system? Look for a service that has a good lineman, which again, boils down to the expertise of the team running your books.


You need to go through their website and look at the available services. The best sportsbook pay per head services offers the whole shebang: player management, a variety of gambling options, and the latest technology to maximize profit and enjoyment from players. They should also have the capacity to provide 24/7 support for bookies, agents as well as players. Also look for other perks like mobile access, phone support, and payment options. You will want to look for a company that can give you as much of those as possible.


Do not be tempted by low fees offered by sportsbook pay per head sites without looking at how they operate and what they offer. You may be getting a lower rate because you are getting fewer services than you would from a more established sportsbook, or you could be dealing with less quality, or even worse, weak infrastructure. You need to find one that gives value for your money, always.


We’ve dabbled in this when we were talking about technology – the system that will help you manage your players and agents, the customer support, the availability of the site in different platforms, and the gambling options. Most of the top sportsbook pay per head websites offer a lot of sports gambling options – a lot of sports like basketball, baseball, football, soccer, from around the world. They also offer horse racing. They also have an online casino where you have the majority of the games offered. By giving your player a myriad of options to play with, you are also setting yourself up to the opportunity for more profit. And the best part about this is that you should be able to manage all of this with just one dashboard.

Ease of Use/ User Interface

How the website looks is one of the most important considerations for player visiting gambling sites. It has to look exciting, but also look credible and secure. Another primary concern is the ease of navigating the website. Your players should be able to get to their preferred games easily, and should not have problems playing and getting their earnings. So should bookies. Bookies should be able to manage their players easily and be able to transfer and or collect their earnings without hassle.

Gut Feel

Aside from all the logical considerations you have, also think about how you feel about the site. Does it seem risk-free to you? Do you think that they have enough experience to help you earn? Do you think your needs will be met, and by approachable people? If you think that you already know you are signing up with the best sportsbook pay per head, do so. It also won’t hurt to see if they have a free trial so you can test the waters.